Vampires Horror


A campy rock musical about vampires trying to take over the world!

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Low-budget at its best

We really caught lightning in a bottle.  Our incredible cast, band and crew agreed to be a part of this crazy venture for no money up front — so we're really hoping for a great back end, for everyone's sake!  So many friends were so generous with their time and talent, and we can never truly repay them.  We are so grateful!

The studio process

Lacking the budget of a Les Miserables, we had to produce this musical the old fashioned way — in the studio, in advance!  We were thrilled as always to partner with Wild Sound in Northeast Minneapolis.  This of course meant all the actors had to be on their toes as they lip-synced their filmed scenes.  We didn't always nail it.  Watch closely.


Meet the filmmakers

"Do you mean to tell me your plan is to fight the minions of the undead with ... dancing?"

"There's something strange about this town!"

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