After the Apple - 2012-13 Season

About the show:

Brand-new short plays by prominent local women playwrights!

After the Apple is a collection of nine short plays by local playwrights Anne Byrd, Shanan Custer, Rachael Brogan Flanery, Beth Gilleland, Polly Grose, Christina Ham, Julie Grover McArdle, Jen Scott, and Aamera Siddiqui.

At the helm are acclaimed directors Martha Pettee, Maggie Scanlan and Maggie K. Sotos.

Running the gamut from gut-bustingly funny to sweetly touching to disturbingly thought-provoking, these nine short pieces promise to make for an unforgettable evening.

  • Created by: Various
  • Performed: February 2013
  • Theater: The Playwrights' Center

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