No One Asked for This - 2022 Season

About the show:

Join dynamic duo Katy Hays and Katy McEwen on a veritable Mr. Toad's wild ride of stuff they thought up between jigsaw puzzles in the almost-very-nearly-post-pandemic, even though literally no one asked them to do it.

A night of uproarious sketches and songs, blistering insights from the 49th circle of hell that is the now times, and searing sex appeal await all those who have $20 and 60-70 minutes to kill. Come join these Twin Cities legends in what reviewers have called "...a thing that is happening" and "wait, this isn't bowling." Do you like gals in or near their late 40's with too much time on their hands? Then look no further! No One Asked for This: She Believed She Could So She Died will leave you rolling in the aisles and literally screaming for more. Literally.

  • Created by: Katy Hays and Katy McEwen
  • Performed: June 17-25, 2022
  • Theater: Bryant Lake Bowl

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