Danger! Will/Robinson - 2010-11 Season

About the show:

Danger!  Danger!

One is an Emmy award-winning comedy writer; the other possesses two Masters, a Ph.D and a B.S. Degree in funny.  Both are hysterically self-conscious.  Jim "Sketch Comedy is Clearly His Calling" Robinson and Joshua "Satirical Backbone with Élan" Will — two of the Twin Cities' sharpest, funniest and most handsomest sketch comedy performers — have a few things they'd like to get off their chests.

Danger! Will/Robinson, a joint venture of Table Salt Productions and The Recovery Party, dives deep into the Archives de la Comédie to revisit some of Josh and Jim's classic sketches in addition to introducing a slew of new material that tackles everything from the perils of dating to which [censored] color to paint the [censored] walls.

Accompanied by Dennis "Lovely Songs" Curley, the cast of Danger! Will/Robinson invites you to share an evening of self-indulgent sketch comedy with them.  If they're not too busy patting themselves on the back, that is.

  • Created by: Robinson/Will/Curley
  • Performed: April/May 2011
  • Theater: Bryant-Lake Bowl

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