Traveling, Traveling - 2015 Season

About the show:

Table Salt is taking England by storm!

Once upon a time, across the pond, the English Department at the University of Lincoln decided to host Court and Spark: An International Symposium on Joni Mitchell.  Table Salt's own Jim Robinson applied to be a presenter, and lo and behold, he was accepted!  Now he is bringing two of Table Salt's most beloved sketches to the Brits!

Jim is presenting a paper entitled "From the Literate to the Literal:  Joni Mitchell as a Comic Muse."  As part of his presentation, he will be showing brand new videos of two sketches:  "The Last Time I Saw Richard and Deirdre" and "Joni Mitchell Is Scrooge" (from Spiked!).

We hired the actors, rented the film studio and camera crew, filmed the scenes, and are in the process of editing the videos right now.  That's where you come in.  To help defray costs, we are hosting a special ONE NIGHT ONLY FUNDRAISING CONCERT!

These incredible singers will be gracing the stage:  Dennis Curley, Katy Hays, Shanan Custer, Michelle Cassioppi, Beth Gilleland, Martha Pettee, Jen Scott, Dorian Chalmers, Joshua Will, Casey Flanery, Morgan Jappe, Joy Dolo, and Morgan Zimmerman!

  • Created by: Jim Robinson/Dennis Curley
  • Performed: June 2015
  • Theater: Black Forest Inn

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