Favorite - 2017 Season

About the show:

Table Salt's annual storytelling show

FluidFear!  Father!  In its fourth annual installment, Table Salt now brings you a storytelling show sure to be your Favorite.  Come hear tales of the preferred, the popular, and the particularly well-liked from your favorite Twin Cities storytellers!

What is your favorite word?  Your favorite flavor?  Your favorite place, person, or thing?  Margaret Atwood’s favorite word is “and.”  Maybe simple really is best.

Featuring Table Salt favorites Jim Robinson, Rachael Brogan Flanery, Julie Grover McArdle, Ellie Hino & Casey Nelson, Katy McEwen, Ryan North, Tod Petersen, and Brandon Boat; with music by Tina North and Dennis Curley.

  • Created by: Table Salt Productions
  • Performed: May, 2017
  • Theater: Bryant-Lake Bowl

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