Four years strong.

We have four seasons and twelve terrific shows under our belts here at Table Salt.

Over 150 local performers, technicians, designers and directors have graced our productions to date...

...and we promise, the best is yet to come!

Our Fifth Season!

We are thrilled to announce our new season!  First up, in June of 2014: Fluids — a highbrow evening of storytelling, featuring ten local theatrical luminaries waxing poetic about things not normally fit for public consumption.  Then, in October of 2014: Psych! — a brand new cabaret that will teach you all you ever wanted to know about Psychology but were too cheap to pay a therapist to ask!

You can read more about Fluids and Psych! by clicking the tabs above.  We are very excited about the talent we have gathered, and we hope these shows will surprise and delight you!

We will continue to produce our game show, Brain Game, at various locations, and our improv group, "Your Parents' Friends," will also be seen performing around town this season, featuring Rachael, Jim, Dennis, Josh Will, and a raft of guest artists.  Keep up with the latest info on all of these performances and more by checking back here often, or following our Facebook page.

As always, we are so grateful for your continued support.  We are extremely excited about this new season, and we hope to see you all at the theater!


An evening of highbrow storytelling — breaking all taboos.


Better than seeing a therapist, and cheaper too!



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